About Fub Wobbler

The origins of the Fub Wobbler trolling spoon go back to the 1970’s, in the South Haven, Michigan area. Tested through years of trial and error on Lake Michigan, the spoon was finally ready around 1978. The creator, Albert Hildebrand, lived a few towns away and was an avid fisherman. He designed and produced the spoons, stamping them and finishing them himself. The original press, tools and dies are still used today in the making of the spoons. The spoon and it’s distinctive bend design, creates a unique erratic movement, simulating the darting movements of baitfish. Proven at trolling speeds ranging from 0.8 – 3.5 mph, this Great Lakes trolling spoon produces fish. Period.

Having made it’s way through all of the Great Lakes over the last forty plus years, the Fub Wobbler returns after a decades long absence. Fub Wobbler’s are constructed with American made products and finished with awesome Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp 4x hooks with Seaguard. Fub Wobbler’s have been used on a wide variety of fish, having caught chinook, coho, Atlantic, steelhead trout, brown trout, lake trout, Northern’s and walleye. We even have captains pitching these spoons for redfish and black drum along coastal waters!

While supplies last, we will be selling our existing stock at the pricing from 10 years ago! See our ordering page for more information.

Watch for our new UV series, including the Alewife Assassin series and more. Our spoons receive countless hours in the water before reaching production. Once our prototype color patterns are proven to work, we pick a few of the finest and put them into production. We appreciate all comments and reviews and we strive to make the best spoon we can.

We are a family owned and operated business.